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Copper Scrap Metal Recycling, Aluminium, Steel, Brass & More in Sydney, Windsor, Penrith, Blacktown & Surrounding Regions

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You’re surrounded by copper. It’s in everything from your plumbing system to your phone. Copper is used in a wide variety of applications because of its incredible versatility. We offer top-dollar prices for any unwanted copper material that you may have.

A Little History On Copper

Copper was discovered around 9000 B.C. It is considered to be one of the first metals to be used by mankind. One of the many reasons that it is still widely used to this day is because it can be recycled so that any trace of its original use and form is gone.

A Very Versatile Metal

There are a wide variety of uses for both tarnished and untarnished copper materials. Of course, untarnished is always preferable and it’s essential to maintain purity during the processing to ensure that future products retain high conductivity.

Grades Of Copper Scrap

As a result of its many potential uses, copper is one of the most valuable metals to recycle. However, the quality of your copper scrap is the factor that ultimately determines the price. The grades range from copper #1 and #2 all the way to bare bright.

Give your metal a new life

Are you ready to recycle your unwanted copper scrap? Get in touch with our team of experts at Metal Merchants Pty Ltd to request a free quote today.

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